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The Kibble Kart only carries premium dog and cat foods that are free of corn, soy, wheat, or by-products. We carry top quality brands such as those made by Natura Products. The Natura brands use ingredients from the U.S.A. and are manufactured in the U.S.A. We also carry Orijen. Orijen is Canada’s award winning pet food maker that only uses regional ingredients. Take a look at the healthy choices below and we can help you decide which food will best suit your pet’s needs.

California Natural

For California Natural Pet Food, it's what's missing that matters. With our natural dog food, cat food, puppy food and dog treats, you'll never find fillers, by-products or artificial preservatives that can cause allergic reactions or stomach issues in your pets. Just wholesome, unrefined pet food ingredients that are as pure and natural as the way Mother Nature intended.

California Natural Dog & Cat Food

If your dog or cat is troubled by rashes, itchy skin or dermatosis, the cause may not be something they touched, but rather something they ate.

Many pet foods today use ingredients and supplements, such as by-products, artificial flavors and fillers, which those pets with sensitive systems may not be able to tolerate. California Natural Pet Food is different. Ingredients in each of our dog or cat foods are limited to high-quality protein, fat and carbohydrate sources to reduce any chance of intolerance and stomach upset. Thanks to California Natural, your dog or cat receives all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong, without enduring allergic reactions that can make its life miserable. It's this simplicity that makes, Fluffy, Fido - and you - extra happy.

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Natura Pet Products challenged the tradition of manufacturing pet foods with large amounts of grain and other ingredients high in carbohydrates. We developed unique manufacturing processes combined with an ultra low temperature extrusion technique to create the first ever line of high protein, grain-free and low carbohydrate foods for dogs and cats. We called it an evolution in healthful pet nutrition…and EVO became a brand.

EVO foods were designed to closely resemble the ancestral diets of dogs and cats and offer a convenient and safe alternative to raw food diets and home preparation.

When compared to other “grain-free” foods on the market that claim to have an ancestral feeding approach, many products continue to incorporate high levels of carbohydrate rich ingredients.

There are two significant benefits to an EVO diet low in carbohydrates…maintaining healthy body weights in pets; and the management of diabetes mellitus. Common food allergens can include grains such as wheat and corn. EVO foods contain no grains of any type therefore minimizing the potential for food allergies that can result in skin and coat problems and gastrointestinal disease.

EVO has excellent palatability and is highly digestible. This means more nutrients are absorbed into the body, leaving less waste and greatly reducing stool volume.

EVO foods are energy dense which means that you feed less to meet the pet’s daily energy needs. One bag of EVO will feed for a longer period of time and provide more nutrition for your money.

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Holistic Foods for Every Taste and Life Stage

Innova was the first true holistic health food for pets. Every dog food, cat food and pet treat in our line is made with farm-fresh, natural ingredients from the five food groups to supply optimal nutrition for peak performance at every life stage. No other pet food supplies so much.

Innova remains the holistic food pet parents can trust. Throughout the years, as new supplements and artificial chemicals have been introduced to the pet food market, Natura has stuck to our tradition of producing Innova dog food and cat food using only natural ingredients. It might not make us cutting-edge or save us money, but in the end, it's your pet's health that matters. Each of our pet products combines ingredients from all five food groups to ensure a truly holistic meal. Ingredients like protein-rich chicken, turkey and beef, calcium-packed cottage cheese, and wholesome fruits, vegetables and grains - all providing the essential vitamins and minerals your pet's lifestyle demands. Plus, essential fats and oils are added to improve your pet's skin and coat while reducing allergies and improving his immune system.

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